Our large facilities

On this page you can find projects build by Yuraku, some in cooperation with partners in the PV market. All projects use our solar panels; a proof of the confidence we have in our products. This is the first step towards the completion of our pipeline.

Grid connected power plant

  • Yur Power I
    983,664 kWp

  • Yur Power II
    997,920 kWp

  • Yur Power III
    936,144 kWp

  • Yur Power IV
    779,328 kWp

  • Yur Power VI
    955,152 kWp

  • Yur Power VII
    883,008 kWp

  • Yur Power VIII
    930,960 kWp

  • Yur Power IX
    917,136 kWp

  • Y Energy I
    902,880 kWp

  • Y Energy III
    999,680 kWp

  • Y Energy III
    899,800 kWp