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All Yuraku inverters are guaranteed 5 years. The panels have a warranty of 5 years on materials, 10 years of 90 % output, 25 years of 80 % output. In case of malfunction please contact your installer or our technical service to this email: dario@yuraku.com.sg or call +39 02 3351 4444. Prepare some information to facilitate our work: the model of the panels installed, number of strings and inverter model.

If you are an installer download the configurator for our inverters here, it works on a Windows operating system and needs Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 (link). It's always recommended to check the software in the design phase of a photovoltaic system.

Each inverter comes with an internal SNMP card that allows to communicate over a network with a PC or to send an email with production data and machine errors. Download the manual (in Italian) to connect the inverter to a network via LAN cable.

One last thing: do not send us products, always contact us first, we can often solve problems with a simple phone call. If the product must be replaced we will send it in a short time, to guarantee the continuity of energy production.

If you would like more information please contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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